Careers Scope

B.Pharm is a graduate degree awarded to students who have successfully completed their under graduate study in the field of Pharmacy. There are various levels in the field of pharmacy such as diploma level (D.Pharm), under graduate level (B.Pharm), post graduate level (M.Pharm) and doctoral level. One can find job in various pharmacy shops, hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, etc after completing their pharmacy studies. Some of the higher study options in the field of pharmacy as listed below :

  • M.Pharm in Indian Universities
  • Pharm D
  • M.S (Pharm) in Foreign University

A lot of opportunities are available for aspirants who have accomplished their graduate level course in pharmacy. Job opportunities are available for them with firms of both the private and public sector. Besides this, they can also try for jobs abroad. Those who would like to be independent can start their own pharmaceutical stores or consultancies. A few areas where pharmacists can get work include :

  • Analytical Chemist
  • Manufacturing Chemist
  • Drug Inspector
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Medical Representative
  • Regulatory Manager
  • Researcher